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Mushroom Internet design and host websites from Malmesbury and surrounding areas. Gloucestershire is such a beautiful part of the UK, we thought it only fair we provide a little bit of history about the area.

Website Design MalmesburyMalmesbury is a market town and civil parish located in the southern Cotswolds in the county of Wiltshire, England. Historically Malmesbury was a centre for learning focused on and around Malmesbury Abbey, a sizeable part of which survives, unusually, following the dissolution of the monasteries. Once the site of an Iron Age fort, it is the oldest borough in England, created around 880 AD by charter from Alfred the Great.

Traditionally a market town serving the rural area of north west Wiltshire, farming has been the main industry. Even today, the High Streethas numerous independent shops and a regular weekly market. Malmesbury had a nine-day wonder media event in January 1998, when two Tamworth pigs known as the Tamworth Two escaped from the towns abattoir. They swam the Tetbury branch of the River Avon, across a few fields and lived in an orchard for a week. The story made international headlines with tabloid newspapers and TV news stations fighting each other to sight and then capture the pigs. They now live a comfortable life at the South of England Rare Breeds Centre, near Ashford, Kent where they can be visited. The Reformation of 1539 brought about a change in the economy of Malmesbury, having no income from the Abbey the town turned to the woollen industry, having access to large quantities of wool and water. It then became a centre of the lace-making industry. But, what had made it successful and important as a religious and strategic defensive centre water on three sides and steep cliffs precluded easy access for the modern bulk transport methods of canals and railways. Hence both the Kennet and Avon Canal and the later Great Western Railway passed well to the south of the town, leading it to be greatly untouched by the industrial revolution.

The towns main employer today is Dyson, which has its headquarters on the edge of the town, and employs around 1,600 people. The HQ is now mainly a design organisation, with manufacturing carried out in Malaysia. The towns economy is now also a centre for tourism, driven in part by its history and recently by the interest in former poet laureate, John Betjeman. More information can be found at Additional information can be found at

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