Bespoke Applications

Bespoke applications are usually a database driven application such as a dating website, an online booking system or maybe a property database. Unless you want something very similar to one of our existing applications, then a custom written system will need to be developed.

Mushroom Internet is a great believer in “NOT reinventing the wheel” – why spend weeks developing code if someone else has already written the same thing (or variant of). The company’s coders will search for ready made solutions to your objectives if at all possible. After all it keeps your cost down and maximises our throughput.

If you need a bespoke website development, Mushroom Internet will break the project into phases to ensure all aspects have been considered and specified. Ambiguity is the last thing anyone wants in web development.

The project breaks into the following steps;

1. Concept and Objectives

2. Detailed Specification

This includes detailing each page’s function and commands, all of the pages are ‘story boarded’ to show how they relate to each other.

The brief for the graphic design and navigational structure are also determined and everything needed to build the website is documented.

At this stage the project could be handed to any web developer and all questions should have been answered in full for:

  • Graphic design phase
  • Coding
  • Population of content
  • Beta testing
  • Sign off

Stage one is usually provided by the client, stage two is a time consuming process that is quoted separately. If clients wish to save costs they can supply this stage.